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Create PDF, All the best programs to do it

PDF files are the most common and used type of digital document and for this reason it could be useful to know how to create PDF in the easiest and fastest way possible.

To create a PDF file we can start from a very simple Word document, from an image or from a simple Web page.

create PDF


The programs to create PDF are many, for this reason I preferred to make a selection of only the best programs and only the free ones.


The first program that we are going to see PDFCREATOR that you can download here:

LINK | PDFCreator

In a nutshell the program simulates a virtual printer, which instead of printing, does nothing more than convert the file to pdf. In addition, this program allows you to combine multiple text files or images, to create a single pdf, and also allows you to create a pdf file with a password. Let's see how! Install the program and start it, open your document for example in word with which we will obtain a PDF and click as if you were to print the document, but when selecting the printer open the drop-down menu and select PDFCREATOR as you see in the picture below!

PDF selection print

Once selected PDFCreator click on OK, a screen like the one below will open.

Create PDF

Set the following points as follows:

  1. Select the title of the document
  2. By clicking on Current Date, you will automatically set the current date of the document
  3. Set the author of the document
  4. Set the subject of the document
  5. If you need to add other images or other documents from different files that are jpg files, or doc or other, click on "put in queue", otherwise
  6. Click on Save to proceed to create the PDF file.

Once you click on Save, it will ask you with what name you want to save the file (as you can see in the image below), and your PDF will be created!pdf created


Another excellent PRIMOPDF program that allows you to create PDF with password.

The operation is always the same, choose a document, go to print, and select this time PRIMOPDF, done this you will open a window like this:

create pdf with password

This program, like PDFCREATOR, in Italian and allows you to create PDFs with passwords, in addition to many other functions, through the personalize item. It is really comfortable and simple, and affordable for everyone! If you want to set the password on your PDF file, simply click on change next to PDF Security!

You can download PRIMOPDF here:


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Another program to create PDF doPDF, which differs from the others, precisely for its simplicity, lightness, which also means the absence of specific options, in a few words it creates the PDF file in a simple and fast way.

Below you can see the screen of the program:create pdf quickly with dopdf

You can download doPDF here:


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The next one we offer you Bullzip PDF Printer, full of settings, including creating pdfs with passwords, merging multiple Pdfs, the possibility of inserting a widely editable watermark image, final quality setting of the created document, and various other options. It requires the GhostScriptGPL engine which automatically downloads and installs everything.merge pdf with bullzip

You can download Bullzip PDF Printer here:LINK |Bullzip PDF Printer

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A truly complete Soda PDF trial version program. The program includes all the functions you need with PDF, a single complete but also easy and immediate package. It allows you to create PDF files by converting them from existing documents in 1 click but also to create a new one. PDF from scratch if you do not have Word, to make changes to the document directly on the PDF (edit text, images, page order, layout, insert and delete elements). In addition to converting more than 300 file formats to a PDF, it allows you to convert a PDF to Word, Excel etc. documents. For the most demanding it makes it possible to protect PDFs with passwords and 256-bit encryption by adjusting their access levels, managing revisions by entering annotations, creating fillable forms, comparing documents with each other. Last but not least a fast PDF reader to read any PDF and e-books in PDF.

Many functions to be able to describe them in depth, intuitive and integrated with Internet Explorer and Office, easy for basic uses and complete for advanced uses.SODAPDF-1 "width =" 540 "height =" 398 "srcset =" 540w, https: // www. 80w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 540px) 100vw, 540px "/></p>
<p> The various menus are well organized, understandable, if you stop the mouse on a function a window opens that explains it. Try an existing PDF file: File menu then Open and you will see the visualization possibilities in the Home menu:<img class=

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