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Cortana officially debuts on Android and iOS, but only in the USA and China

Microsoft's voice assistant exits the test phase to arrive on competing smartphones. For now only in the United States

(Photo: Microsoft)(Photo: Microsoft)

This year Microsoft's Christmas gift dedicated to all smartphone users of the opposing platforms. Cortana, the voice assistant born in Redmond and so far the exclusive prerogative of the Windows operating system and its mobile counterpart, now also available on the Play Store and App Store.

Over the past few months, Microsoft had made Cortana available outside of the Windows Store through a Program of beta test, and now the voice assistant ready for the general public. The download actually currently enabled only for the US and Chinese versions of the two operating systems, but in all probability even our local users will soon be able to install the software on their phones.

Windows products, says Microsoft, will be able to take advantage of Cortana in the best possible way, thanks to the tight integration that the voice assistant has with the operating system: open and close apps and also activate from standby. The key features of its algorithms for remain available also on the alternatives of Google and Apple, where they will carry out proactive and classic searches and help to unify the workflow between smartphones and PCs. Finally, thanks to a partnership with Cyanogen Inc, Cortana will in the future be integrated very closely with the operating system derived from Android and developed by the group of independent modders.


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