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Cisco: we want access to the iPhone

When we talk about the cause launched by Cisco on the iPhone name, the insinuations on the desire to monetize the registration of the name must be put aside but we must go further, looking at the overall relationship with Apple and especially the interoperability between the iPhone i Cisco future products. An authoritative voice, that of Mark Chandler, SVP and General Counsel, from Cisco in a blog published on the company's official website, to take a new look at the story that is making the world of IT noise.

Chandler traces the events that led Cisco to enter control of the iPhone name and then open negotiations with Apple 'We discussed believing that an agreement could be reached and to share control over the iPhone name' says the manager 'we were very close to a solution when they went their own way, announcing the iPhone without making itself heard anymore. According to Chandler, the last contacts were on the evening of Monday, with the promise to close the following day, just before the announcement of the phone, a promise that did not materialize.

'What were the topics still under discussion? Not the money, not the royalties on every iPhone sold, not the exchange with Cisco services. We – Chandler says – wanted an open approach, the possibility that our products could interoperate in the future. The networks offer this possibility, they provide the basis of innovation that allows the convergence of devices required by customers. We also wanted to make sure that our products were sufficiently differentiated so that customers were not confused, since our phones also allow access to the Web and voice telephony. "

According to Chandler Cisco with the lawsuit he behaved exactly as everyone would have behaved. 'Do you think that if someone had launched a device called iPod they would have accepted to pass it only because of a different video format? Apple is very strict when it comes to defending its brands and this must also apply to others. '

Apple, meanwhile, has branded Cisco's lawsuit as "futile" as "there are many companies," says public relations manager Natalie Kerris – who use the iPhone name for Voip products. The registration of the brand, at best, very questionable. We are the first to use the iPhone name for a mobile phone and we are confident that we will see our reasons recognized. "

In reality, beyond the statements of the facade according to several analysts, the channel of the negotiation still open and the lawsuit could close soon. According to Inder Singh of Prudential Securities Cisco could be content with a payment from Apple; according to Brian Banner, an intellectual property lawyer who works for the Rothwell Figg firm, however, Apple and Cisco could agree amicably and use both the iPhone name for their respective products, accompanied by their respective logos.