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Cisco: "€" iPhone name still ours "

Cisco: 'iPhone name still ours' logomacitynet1200wide 1

Cisco has not lost the rights to the iPhone name. The news is not contained in a press release or interview, but still to be considered as coming from an official source, given that it appears in a company blog.

'It was interesting to follow the comments on the iPhone brand affair,' says John Earnhardt, Cisco communications manager, in his speech, and learn that we would lose the right to use the iPhone name. But that's not the case. Cisco has done everything it takes to maintain brand ownership. "

Earnhardt, although not very specific on the subject, limits himself to citing the fact that the phone that has the same name as the Apple mobile phone 'on the market since spring'. This should be enough to guarantee brand ownership. According to some observers, however, Cisco, especially in Europe, would not be in this condition, as the product would not have appeared in the terms provided by the trademark registration (5 years).

In the US, however, as explained in our article, Cisco registration would be at risk simply because the routers company would not follow the strict registration procedures provided for by local legislation.

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