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Chrome for Android can now lighten data consumption

Chrome will save traffic up to 70%, thanks to the non-loading of site images


Those who like to browse the galleries will find it an idea that cannot be exploited, but in reality the new Chrome function runs the path of functionality. If the Data Saver mode already allowed to display sites specifically "revisited" to allow the user a lower expenditure of data traffic, making them up to 50% smaller than their original version, Google has decided to bring this Android function to the next level.

If you are in a place where the network is not working well, or your monthly data package is about to abandon you, the very simple solution: Chrome automatically removes photos of the pages consulted.Chrome GIFThis will allow save up to 70% of your data. The option can be deactivated when and instantly, from the page itself.

The feature will be useful in areas where network coverage doesn't maintain the same efficiency everywhere, like Facebook Lite. Not surprisingly, Google has announced that the release will start from countries like India and Indonesia; in the coming months it will reach everyone.


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