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Cause Cisco-Apple, advertising only

Cause Cisco-Apple, advertising only logomacitynet1200wide 1

A good way to advertise. This is the opinion expressed by ThinkEquity Partners LLC analyst Jonathan Hoopes on the sidelines of the dispute over the iPhone name.

'You can be sure,' says Hoopes, 'that the line of lawyers, marketing professionals and external advisors have accurately assessed the implications of a phone launch without resolving the controversy with Cisco. For this reason we believe that there is a good chance that the choice made by Apple is based on a different philosophy, that which considers each advertisement a good advertisement.

Hoopes also has a prediction about the future: 'we wouldn't be surprised,' says the ThinkEquity Partners LLC analyst, 'to see Apple abandon the iPhone name once it has reviewed every legal aspect. And if Apple drops the iPhone name, the most suitable one could be Apple Phone '. The change of brand of a product, after all, says the analyst, not a practice unknown to Apple, 'just think of the recent case of iTv' says Hoopes 'or farther back in time to the change of name between iBooks to Mac Book'

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