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Cardboard Camera takes photos for the VR headset

The app available for free for Android and records 360-degree panoramas navigable from the Cardboard viewer

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

From today you can you too can create your own virtual reality bubble to be displayed with Google Cardboard, the DIY viewer designed by Google for its smartphones. The Mountain View house has in fact just made available free of charge in its virtual shop Cardboard Camera (here Cardboard Camera), an app for Android that helps create 360 degree navigable panoramas in virtual reality.

The procedure similar to that needed to create common panoramic photos. You point your smartphone and move it along a horizontal axis, making it do it a full turn with a uniform pace it's slow. This allows the camera to accurately record all the information needed for production.

At the end of the tour, the algorithm does a sewing job on the different recorded images and returns an environment observable at any time by wearing the viewer. As an option, you can also capture audio that surrounds us at the time of recording, which is then looped during the observation phase to better recreate the original environment.

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

The result will never be as amazing as that of the example photos used by Google within the app, and moreover from a normal smartphone camera you cannot expect the wonders of which an ad hoc instrumentation capable. Rather, as happened for the same Cardboard viewer, the Mountain View house simply thought of offering a simple and free tool to put users in touch with the world of virtual reality.


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