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Buy an iPhone for 60 euros (in 2016)

Buy an iPhone for 60 euros (in 2016) Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

If you don't have a lot of money in your pocket and still want to have an iPhone, you have an alternative: have patience and wait ten years. In 2016, in fact, a device with the characteristics of the Cupertino mobile phone will cost no more than 75 $, as if to say less than sixty euros. The forecast was drawn up by a study by Needham And Co. which examined the components of the iPhone and the market trend of the sector, assessing that the cost reduction will be significant and constant over time, starting from the first months of marketing.

Charles Wolf, who wrote the research, evaluates a drop in prices in the order of 20% per year. According to Wolf, the economic support provided by telephone operators increasingly interested in pushing the device would also contribute to reducing the cost to the end consumer. According to the study, in fact, the characteristics of the phone are of interest to carriers who see it as a system to increase the profits that derive from data traffic and the services offered.

Needham And Co. also has very optimistic estimates for Apple's market share in the field of telephony. Within 10 years Cupertino could touch 7% of the mobile business by selling 134 million iPhones every year out of the two billion expected for that date.

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