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Beatles music on iTunes by February 14th?

An agreement between the Beatles and Apple to distribute the 'Fab Four' digital music around the corner. The indiscretion was launched by the Abbeyrd Beatles Page, an amateur site dedicated to the British complex.

According to the sources cited, the useful date for the launch of what promises to be another great success for Jobs and his strategies in the music field, would be February 14, Valentine's Day. "That same day," says the site, "or around that date, the Beatles' songs will be on iTunes." According to Abbeyrd Beatles Page, Apple would have guaranteed three months of exclusivity for the songs of the Liverpool group; during this period no other online music store could sell the same songs. Among the elements under discussion also a compilation.

The story, if it really materializes as proposed by the English site, would represent the most classic of the 'happy end' to a story that has led the two parties to confront each other in court for a dispute about their respective brands The Beatles production house, Apple Corp. had in fact demanded that Apple Computer not enter the music business; when the Jobs company first launched software (QuickTime) and then iTunes and iPod that dealt with music, the Beatles' production company brought Apple Computer to court. But if Apple Computer had previously been forced to pay, on the last occasion an English judge had given reason to the Apple house, ruling that there was no possibility of confusion for the extreme diversity of the business practiced.

At that moment Jobs, who was a Beatles fan, had hoped that it could be the good opportunity to arrive at a definitive composition of the lawsuit, fearing the possibility of a launch of the music of the British group, which to date has not sold any of its songs. in digital form, on iTunes. Subsequently, the signs that seemed to point in this direction intensified. The latest addition during the Macworld when all the background music was taken from the Beatles catalog.

For its part, meanwhile, Apple Corp. is preparing, however it goes, for its online debut. This was announced by the remastering of all the tracks and their digitization, announced a few weeks ago.