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Apple will remain monitored ex employee accused of stealing info on Titan

Zhang Xiaolang, a former Apple engineer accused of stealing some trade secrets regarding the Cupertino company's "top secret" autonomous driving project, will remain under surveillance. According to the prosecution, Zhang allegedly downloaded a document containing sensitive information with the aim of sharing them with the Chinese startup Xiaopeng Motors.

Zhang Xiaolang, who from 2015 to the end of May 2018 was responsible for designing and testing some circuit boards related to the Apple autonomous driving platform, would resign in May, after a month of absence due to paternity, communicating to his supervisor Apple who would return to China to be near the sick mother. The arrest occurred in July 2018, just as Zhang was trying to take a flight to China.

According to the U.S. District Judge, Zhang may still be at risk of escaping so he must continue to wear a tracking device pending trial. The former employee he faces 10 years in prison and a huge fine of $ 250,000.

Another former employee, Jizhong Chen, who was caught red-handed while trying to take photos of confidential documents, always related to the Titan project, will no longer have to wear a tracker. But his position is still difficult. In fact, thousands of files were found in Chen's devices containing confidential information (manuals, diagrams and diagrams) as well as a hundred photographs taken inside Apple buildings.