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Apple, uncertain future

Apple, uncertain future Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple expects that the current fiscal quarter, which now seems certain, will close in red, remains only a parenthesis and that already from the first quarter of next year the accounts can return to positive but there is no lack of factors of concern and doubts such as to leave open any hypothesis. To underline them the same company of Cupertino in 10-K, the official document presented, in accordance with the legislation that regulates the companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Among the factors that could negatively affect the future two are the main ones: the availability of new processors and the release of MacOs X. "Our suppliers – says Apple – have guaranteed us the release of more powerful chips in the first quarter of next year, but there have been no guarantees on when this will happen and if the there will be enough processors ?. The speed and punctuality with which IBM and Motorola will deliver the processors will influence – warns Apple – the fiscal results of the next year. Equally heavy could be the fallout of a possible failure of MacOs X. "If users were not to welcome the new operating system according to our forecasts or if we were to deliver it late our profits would suffer the consequences. "Cupertino also fears the competition in some sectors of the PC world that having more resources than we have available I can easily imitate the look and feel and having a large base of installed compete heavily on our ground. Who believes that 2001 could also be the debut of a new product, totally new, finds some confirmation in the 10-K. "Apple must take into account the need to compete with a number of Internet devices whose market will be the same as traditional computers." Not the declaration of an interest in the sector, but certainly Apple's claims come close to it.The document also provides some indications on the European market (grown by 53% in terms of units sold compared to 1999) and the general one (Apple has sold 4.5 million units, 32% more than the previous year). There were 2.2 million iMacs and 554,000 iBooks, or 52% of total machine sales. The average cost of a car did not go down or go up compared to 1999 ($ ??1,715).

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