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Apple is looking for iPhone engineers

Apple seeks engineers for iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

That Apple is serious about the iPhone difficult to doubt, but if anyone had any doubts he could dispel it by consulting the list of job offers. As many as 33 of those listed concern the iPhone.

A little bit of everything appears in the list: from hardware experts to software developers to end up with middleware experts.

An interesting detail that could reveal something more than the iPhone's hardware structure: Apple is also looking for engineers who are also experts in the ARM chip sector. This could imply that the chip-based phone that uses the technologies of the British company that does not directly produce processors but operates in partnership with other major IT players. Among these are Texas Instruments, Freescale and Samsung and the Korean company, according to some sources, would be the supplier of the main processor of the phone.

The use of an Arm processor would leave open some interesting issues with implications. These include the version of Mac Os X, Os which, as known, runs on the iPhone. Arm-based chips are not compatible with the x86 code (that of Intel processors). Has Apple rewritten the OS to make it compatible with the iPhone? Or do you use some interpreter software, as happens with Rosetta?

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