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Apple, a factory in Brazil

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Apple will build a new plant for assembling its computers in Brazil. The confirmation came from the head of financial operations of the South Amerucan country branch, Marinaldo Azevedo. "The plant – the manager said in an interview with the online newspaper MacNews Brasil – to the study. In this case, feasibility studies and the search for the location where it will be built are underway ", but did not provide further details on the project. At the beginning of August the newspaper O Estado do San Paulo had been the first media, then denied by Apple, to launch some indiscretions on the matter stating that the factory would be built in the state of Santa Catarina and would be destined to produce high-end machines, in particular G4. The goal would be to produce machines at lower costs than the current ones and to lay the foundations for the conquest of an important but still largely unexplored market such as the South American one and which has large national PC manufacturers that occupy niches elsewhere under the control of the Apple itself.At the moment the most probable hypothesis that the new factory may arise in the state of Parana, near the capital Curitiba.In recent months Apple has gradually abandoned some of the historic countries and production centers in an attempt to reduce costs. Today most of the machines are assembled outside Apple's factories, particularly in Asia and Mexico. In Europe, the Cupertino company has just started a plan for the assembly of machines in the Czech Republic.

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