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Android factory reset protection: what it is and how to get around it

Have you purchased a second hand smartphone with a recent Android version? You may run into a new theft security system, namely the Android factory reset protection. In this guide you will find out everything you need to know about factory reset protection and possible ways to get around it (not easy, also because Google updates the Android factory reset protection with security patches).

Factory reset protection Android what

There Android factory reset protection a protection system (integrated with Android 5.0 and also maintained in the most recent versions of the green robot operating system) capable of protect smartphones and tablets from theft or fraudulent use.

When an attacker steals an Android smartphone with this active protection, the next formatting performed by the recovery (difficult to think that a thief keeps your accounts and your apps, especially if you use anti-theft apps) will see a window appear asking the last Google email used to associate the account.

A nice nuisance for the offender, a good security system for the legitimate owners: to continue with the first startup of the phone you have to necessarily enter the Google email, the password of the same and, if you have two-party authentication enabled vie, also the confirmation code (which you can receive both via SMS and from the appropriate apps).

This security system cannot be circumvented with a simple reset of the phone or with a cancellation operated by recovery, but on some smartphones it is possible to get around it by exploiting some bugs or debugging software.

In the second part of this guide I will show you the still valid methods to get around the Android factory reset protection.

Android factory reset protection: how to get around it

Below you can find all the guides on the site on how to get around the factory reset protection Android.Obviously you have to use these guides only to recover the smartphones legally in your possession: illegal use of these procedures on stolen smartphones.

The site assumes no responsibility for the improper use of the guides indicated below.

To get around the factory reset protection on Samsung devices you can use the following guide.

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Alternatively you can read the following guide, always for Samsung devices.

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If you have a Nexus smartphone instead, you can follow the guide below to remove the protection.

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