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All down, Oracle up.

All down, Oracle up. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Oracle chief Larry Ellison does not explicitly admit it, but Wall Street analysts are predicting more than 10 cents a share for tomorrow. Oracle has known, like the whole industry, its recent ups and downs, but it has kept afloat much better than other stocks (the last quarter recorded an increase of 15% compared to the previous year) and in any case a good financial result from Oracle can only create a hopable towing effect and in time of "profit warning" "In cascade on the shareholders, it will certainly be appreciated. Ellison, on the occasion of the presentation of (a free e-business service for the first three months for registered users who will then pay only $ 100 per GB of data that will pass on Oracle's servers without users limitations), he also confirmed that his team of managers is absolutely top-level (despite the abandonment of Oracle's number two, a role that will not be assumed to no one else, for the moment "a lot of people are leaving our company and we continue to get stronger") and that he himself has no intention of giving up the position of CEO.

Oracle's cost reduction plan continues: it will save about $ 1 billion this year (and the same amount had already been saved last fiscal year)! What about after this data? It is to be hoped that Ellison, who sits on Apple's board of directors, will also give Cupertino some of his managerial secrets.

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