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A complete breakdown of the management, of the marketing philosophy, of the quality of the products seasoned with bleak prospects for the future in which even the specter of bankruptcy is stirred. Business Week has never been very tender with Apple, but this time a comment by that Sam Jaffe beats every precedent. All, of course, part of recent announcements of profits below the forecasts that serve as a pretext for Joffe to start with a "pull" anti Cupertino in which nothing is really missing. According to the editorialist, this time the King would be really naked given that "Jobs no longer has any rabbit to pull out of his hat and society in a dead end". The CEO will have to forget to turn his company into the "largest computer manufacturer in the world" and start worrying about other problems such as how to keep the "$ 4 billion in cash that looks like a lot but that can be eroded in less time than what can not be believed ?. According to Joffe the fault of this situation would be in the insane pricing policy practiced by Apple supported, stocks of warehouses absolutely unsuitable for quantity. "M the worst problem – says Joffe – was the inability to expand its market beyond its installed base." Changing this scenario, Business Week concludes, may also be possible, but it could take years. It is useless to go into detail here, contesting what Business Week says point by point. Some American sites, however, have dedicated themselves to it with great meticulousness, proving that the journalist has shown little more than little competence in analyzing Apple's affairs. From the claim that Mac computer processors are slow due to IBM to the comparison of a Mac with Cinema Display 22 ? with a Gateway with 15 ? CRT monitor to demonstrate that Macs cost more than PCs, all a flourishing of contradictions, of unfounded and ignorant claims about the Mac world. Unfortunately Business Week is a respected and authoritative newspaper with many readers also outside the USA. There is no doubt that ignorance on the Mac market of Mr. Joffe may not be of benefit to AAPL.

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