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3ivx: new MPEG-4 codec?

3ivx: new MPEG-4 codec? logomacitynet1200wide 1

From the same group that created "DivX ;-)" for Mac (a codec based on Microsoft software, which has implemented the DivX on specifications of the pseudo-standard Mpeg-4) comes the proposal for a new encoder always based on MPEG- 4 and called "3IVX". The group's goal is to "create a new optimized compression format that makes the files even smaller, of high quality and fully transmissible in streaming". The company speaks of a more efficient compression even of 40/60% compared to current codecs and, again according to what is reported on their site, a trailer like that of Matrix could, in the not too distant future, occupy only 7Mb of space without noticing excessive quality decay (!).

We do not know how much truth is in what is declared by the group, but the latter aims in any case to support the codec on the most important platforms (Windows, Macintosh, BeOS, * nix, Amiga …). The media player code will be left as open-source.

A first "draft" of the player in Mac and Windows version is already available on the website (QuickTime 4 or higher required).

(Edited by Newton)

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