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10 ways to create the perfect gif

For desktop and mobile, for Android and iOS, here are ten platforms to create gifs in total freedom and in large quantities

By now they have become a recognized and consolidated form of expression, so much so that there are people who can express themselves using only gifs.

Like emojis, gifs have become bullying in dictionaries as in everyday interpersonal communications (ah, by the way, if you were still wondering, they say "gif" not "ghif", word of who created them).

If you are a keyboard lion, here you find it 5 desktop tools that are right for you, to never run out of cartridges (and humor):

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But in reality it doesn't matter that you talk mainly via smartphone or behind a computer screen, the important thing to always have the right sequence to send at the right time. Or, in his absence, the tools to create one with the greatest speed and effectiveness possible. Here are 5 more to let off steam via mobile:

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Make good use of it.


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