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YouTube Music, the app comes with 14 days of free trial

The trial does not last long, but with the $ 9.99 per month of the service, YouTube Red and Google Play Music are also engaged


There he is: YouTube Music arrived on the Play Store and App Store. The service for streaming music, long announced, available on Android and iOS platform, with a 14-day free trial period.

After that, it will cost like every other streaming music service on the market: $ 9.99 a month (so it is assumed, when available here, 9.99 euros). The price will also include a subscription to YouTube RED, which allows you to enjoy videos without advertisements. In turn, YouTube RED enters Google Play Music All Access membership. Three by one.

YouTube Music divided into three sections: starting from Home with the songs selected according to the user's tastes; What's Hot, which indicates what others are listening to most Liked Songs, the growing list of songs that appreciated on YouTube. The subscription will also allow you to use the app in the background and to choose to listen only to the audio of the songs with a simple switch.


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