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Yallo, to record phone calls on the iPhone

The VoIP platform that uses your mobile number for calls also arrives on the App Store

The app to record Yallo phone calls also arrives on the iPhone. After a successful break-in period and dedicated to Android users, the platform has made the leap on the App Store in the past few hours, where you can download it for free.

The Israeli startup of the same name that created it also announced that it had added more $ 2.5 million in the last round of financing from investors such as Deutsche Telekom and Carmel Ventures, in addition to another 4 million previously collected.

The sum will serve, among other things, to strengthen thestartup network infrastructure. In fact, Yallo is not simply an app that can record phone calls, but one VoIP platform alternative, which hijacks outgoing calls and intercepts incoming calls to route them on your circuit and thus be able to record them in the cloud on behalf of users.

Register for free and your mobile phone number is used for identification on the network. Calls between Yallo users are free, while calls to the uninitiated cost money about a cent per minute, depending on the destinations and the type of line to be reached; with enrollment expected an initial credit of one dollar.


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