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Xbox 360: Patching ISOs with abgx360 for AP2.5 [AGGIORNATO]

Let's go back to talking about xbox 360, considering that the requests are many and many are in difficulty after the release of the new Dashboard 12611 with AP2.5 controls and the new LT + firmware available.

ABGX360 guideThis guide is for those who have updated to the firmware ixtreme LT + the reader of their console and they want to start all backup copies with AP2.5 protection. Without following the very frequent guide, you are faced with a black screen or the inability to perform the backup. It is likely that all the games coming out from the end November 2010 necessarily require a patch with the sector ap25ss in addition to the LT + firmware (read below).

Premises and Downloads

It is essential to patch (modify) and test your backup copy with the program abgx360 whether you use it Xbox Live (to eliminate the risk of bans) and whether you only use games offline. Of course, you will have no problem starting the original copies of the games, under any circumstances.

Download abgx360 1.0.5 windows

Download abgx360 1.0.5 macosx

GiardiniBlog, the staff and the author of the article, do not assume any responsibility, follow the instructions at your own risk. In this blog we are against piracy. Use only backup copies of games that you regularly purchase and own.

Settings for ISO verification and patching

start ABGX to find you in front of this screen:

abgx main screen

Move to the tab AutoFix and choose in the menu of AutoFix Threshold : "Level 3 – AutoFix if stealth passes but fails verification"As shown in the image:

abgx autofix lv3

Move to the tab Misc and choose in the options SplitVid : "Add it if it doesn?t exist or isn?t valid". Always look at the image below:

abgx splitvid

Upload the ISO image

SelectFile ->Open Input or theicon to open a new file and select l on your computerISO image to be verified and patched. If you just want to check and prevent the program from actually modifying the .iso file, add the check mark to Disable Writes up. If you want to test a DVD already burned and inserted in your player, change the drop-down menuInput selectingDVD Drive.

open iso abgx

Make sure you are connected to the internet and press the big button "Launch"At the bottom of the program:

launch abgx

Abgx360 output and patch

At this point the verification of the ISO starts; if necessary the program will apply the patch with the sector ap25ss (necessary to start the new backups with LT + firmware), by downloading the necessary files directly from the internet.

A "typical" output of the program this:

1) The verification and possibly the ISO fix for AP2.5 starts

abgx output

backup does not have sector ap25ss correct and the console will not be able to start the copy. The program checks whether the patch ap25ss equivalent for the same version retail exists in its own database. If it is present in the database (if it does not exist, see later) the patch will be automatically downloaded and e will be applied modified the ISO.

output2 abgx

It is the minimum necessary to start a game with controls AP2.5. If the sector to patch is not found on the database, not you will be able to back up to the console. This part of course, not present for all games without AP2.5 controls

2) Verification of the ISO confirmations to the original and patches of the other sectors

At this point the CRCs of the sectors of the backup copy are compared with the original ones present in the database. If it matches ethe stealth copy you will see an image like this:

stealth check abgx

If the gamenot present in the database, you are given a 404 error because there is noitself retail version:

failed abgx

Caution! "Verification Failed"not means that the .iso file invalid, but simply that the CRCs for the sectors of that game, of that particular region have not been entered in the database and therefore cannot be verified. There are also several releases for the same original game (therefore printed at different times and places). You will still be able to backup even with that error message.

What the program will do at this point, if a 404 error is found, replace ss, pfi and dmi with those present in the database and that are verified by actually making your copy stealth (identical to the original).

fix abgx

3) Perform the check again with abgx360

Now that the patches have been applied, you can run the ISO check again to make sure everything is fine. Press again on Launch. This time, the output of the program will have to give all (or almost) the written in green. At least the part concerning AP2.5 must be confirmed in green. Look at the pictures to get an idea. I remind you that the output may be different in your case.

abgx output

At this point you are done; the ISO has been changed and ready to be burned. ABGX also creates the .DVD file for you to burn. For more info, see How to burn Xbox 360 games.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I play offline backups without risk on Xbox Live?No, it is possible that some info will be saved in the flash memory of the Xbox and transmitted at the next connection with Xbox Live. It is also possible that a flag will be saved on the console and you will be out of the next wave of ban.

Can I feel comfortable on Xbox Live if I use verified and patched copies with abgx?As mentioned above, you cannot be 100% sure. Nothing prevents Microsoft from using procedures to directly verify whether the player's firmware has changed. They are routines implemented in hardware and it is not possible to prevent their check via firmware.

If I am only interested in offline gaming, do I still need to patch ISOs?All the new games, require the ap25ss sector (hence the patch with abgx) and the LT + firmware, therefore at least the ap25ss sector must be there.

I have an ixtreme modification 1.61 / 1.6 / 1.5 or less, does the patched game start on my console?The games with AP2.5 patched with abgx360 in this way, start only and exclusively on a console modified with firmware ixtreme LT +.

I had "Verification failed" as an error what should I do?The backup copy in this case cannot be verified with another identical to the original. This means that we cannot be sure that it is 100% Stealth, but only important if interested in Live. In that case, it is recommended to try another backup confirmation of the original.


SS (Security Sector): Changes slightly each time you rip from the original DVD. In reality the important part remains the same (and on what the CRC check is done) while the raw part is different but it is always made to correspond to a specific media id.

PFI (Physical Format Information): It is a sector in the lead-in that contains information about support. Booktype, start PSN and end PSN and LayerBreak are contained in this sector. On blank DVDs, there is also the Media Code / Manufacturer ID and Media Product Revision number. Every original game for XBOX360 and XBOX1 has the same information.

DMI (Disk Manufacturing Information): Contains information about the manufacturer, such as Company Name, Batch ID, etc. It is different for each game and for each region.

Video partition: All XBOX360 discs have two partitions, in a video content that simply says to use the game with an XBOX360 (try to insert the title in a DVD player or on a playstation 3).

ABGX a verification software for ISO images (but not only) of games for xbox360 with a database of signatures of the original retail dvds and a database of ss, dmi, pfi files to make the backup copy stealth.