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Xbox 360: New AP2.5 and Dashboard 12611 controls [AGGIORNATO X3]

The November 1, Microsoft has released an update for the Dashboard of Xbox 360, specially designed to support the new Kinect peripheral, together with a complete restyle of the Dashboard itself, which reaches the version 12611.

The update also brings with it new controls for consoles modified with ixtreme firmware with a system called AP2.5 (AntiPiracy 2.5).

The check AP2.5 in addition to being present only on Dashboard 12611, only possible on latest titles out in this period; on backup copies of previous games, there is no control and you can play without risk.

In addition to identify a console modified (something that happens by playing ONLINE), the new controls, prevent the game from starting with protections, on that particular version of the Dashboard. For this reason a new firmware version is required ixtreme LT + currently under development and also valid for new ones Xbox 360 Slim. We assess the situation.

Known titles on which the AP2.5 control is present

The backup copies of these games, are not executable on the Dashboard 12611. Only versions work original , while backup copies work only on some types of readers (see below).

Fable 3

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Need 4 Speed: Hot Pursuit

DVD players with AP2.5 control

Benq, LiteOn

On other readers, Hitachi is Samsung, control AP2.5 not supported and can make all backup copies and not be flagged. For Hitachi, this is true up to the previous version V59. For the Samsung this seems totally random (on some Samsung there are no controls, on others yes).

Caution! The spoof of the reader (change the reader and make the console believe that it still has the previous one) is detected by the control procedures AP2.5.

Possible solutions

Currently, the least risky solution for ban from Xbox Live, wait for the new version of ixtreme LT + is not update the Dashboard e not play with the titles of the list (see above) in which the control is present AP2.5.

For Fable 3, you can run the title on previous Dashboards without problems while Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, it has the mandatory update 12611 (wave9 game) and therefore there is no solution to run it on LiteOn and Benq readers. The new controls are independent of the "wave" version on DVDs and cannot be bypassed using the old known methods (see wave patcher). Wait for new information that will not fail to arrive. I recommend you to follow us on sutwitter / facebook for real-time updates.

GiardiniBlog, the staff and the author of the article, do not assume any responsibility, follow the instructions at your own risk. In this blog we are against piracy. Use only backup copies of games that you regularly purchase and own.