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Xbox 360: ixtreme LT + Firmware Update Guide

By popular demand, here is the guide for updating the firmware DVD player on Xbox 360. With the ixtreme LT + firmware you can make all backup copies, even those with AP2.5 protection.I want to specify that there is no problem of AP2.5 controls with the versionsoriginal games that will start normally.GiardiniBlog, the staff and author of the article, take no responsibility, follow the instructions at your own risk. In this blog we are in control of piracy. Use backup copies of regularly purchased and owned games.


This guide is only for updating a console that already has ixtreme firmware in the DVD player. In particular, suitable for all those who have already set aside and saved their own original firmware the DVD player (or the "Dummy?) Or have a firmware version ixtreme 1.61 or less (1.60, 1.51, 1.5) on which the extraction of the key (dvdkey) necessary for the modification to work immediately. For obvious reasons, you must have a reader LiteOn or Benq (ixtreme LT + exists at the moment only for these two reader models). To identify your DVD player, use the first part of the Xbox 360 Edit Guide.

The whole not sure for Xbox Live, where there is always the risk of ban for previously modified consoles.

In summary, these are i requirements for those who want to update:

  • ixtreme 1.61 (1.60, 1.51, 1.5 also works) or original firmware in your possession and saved on the PC or Dummy version.
  • Philips LiteOn or Benq DVD player
  • the latest version of JungleFlasher and the LT + firmware for your reader always available on this page Download JungleFlasher and Firmware LT +.
  • a computer with SATA port and Windows operating system (XP, Vista or 7)

Tutorial sections:

  1. Connect the console to the computer
  2. Configure the computer before Windows starts
  3. Recognizing the reader and removing the key (dvdkey)
  4. Source and Target Firmware
  5. Vendor Mode and Writing the LT + firmware
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Now let's start with the actual procedure …

1. Connect the console to the computer

Remove the console. Tutorial to disassemble Xbox 360.

It is necessary to power the Xbox 360 with the its power supply and keep a video cable connected (otherwise the console will turn off after a while). Things written are fine even if you have a power supply kit for the DVD player.

console powered

Disconnect the SATA cable of the console and connect your SATA cable which will have to reach the computer (shown in red in the photo).

SATA cable

Of course, you can also remove the reader from the housing, always keeping the power cable connected (the one with the white end) and attach the SATA cable to one of the ports on your computer motherboard (or PCI – SATA card).

WARNING! I recommend removing any connected peripheral, except the hard disk that uses the operating system, and connect the SATA cable from the console DVD player to the PC in one of the first available ports, otherwise the player will have difficulty being recognized by JungleFlasher. The end result will look like this:

xbox sata

If you have a LiteOn, you can start the console to power the player. If you have a Benq, wait for the full start of Windows.

WARNING! Also connect a wire that goes from the "case" of the console to the metal case of the PC if you power the player with the console itself (to ground)!

2. Configure the computer before Windows starts

To increase the chances of the reader being recognized by JungleFlasher (see following points), configure the BIOS in this way, using the SATA configuration setting, the voiceIDE (example of BIOS):

sata - ide

Now a step very important for everyone who uses Windows Vista or Windows 7 to 64 bit.

BEFORE that the operating system starts to boot, press the F8 key and you will have the same ahead menu of the following image; choose the option "Disable Driver Signature enforcement"And press sending to start Windows.

disable driver signature enforcement

3. Recognition of the reader and removal of the key (dvdkey)

After Windows starts, start JungleFlasher with privileges of administrator if you use View or 7 (right click, Run as Administrator).

jungleflasher run

Ignore any message that reads "no comports were found during enumeration!" By pressing OK.

Move to the "DVDKey32?And look in the list of doors SATA the reader of the Xbox 360 that you have connected. This is the time to start the console if you are using a Benq and update the doors if necessary, by clicking on the button ?. . .":

liteon jungleflasher

Once found, you should have a screen similar to this (also indicated the model, in this case 7485):

drive properties

Now we proceed with the extraction of the key through a function of the "old" ixtreme firmware (previous to LT).

WARNING! This part is mandatoryONLY for those who NOT have the original firmware or the Dummy. If you already have the original firmware or the Dummy, go directly to step 4 of the guide.

To extract the key and create the firmware Dummy of our reader, all we have to do is press the button "Dummy from iXtreme":

dummy from ixtreme

At this point there is a delicate part; before pressing the button "Dummy from iXtreme"(If you have already pressed it, there is no problem, a warning message will come out) you must place the reader with the trolley semi-open and in state "closed". This means that you will have to perform these steps:

1) Press the button to open the trolley (the black one, on the left of the console) and wait for it to open completely.

2) Press the button again to close the trolley and simultaneously (or a moment later) disconnect the power supply to the DVD player. In the case of power supply via console, it means brutally detaching the cable with the white end. In the case of the kit you do it easily.


3) The trolley should have remained almost completely open or in the middle. Move it with your hands until you bring it as in the figure above and restore power to the reader by connecting again the cable with white end (or by kit). Only press the button "Dummy from iXtreme".

The program will ask you to save 5 different files: key.bin, inquiry.bin, identify.bin, serial.bin and Dummy.bin. Save them all in a directory on your computer and keep them (they could always be useful in the future). Remember that they depend strictly from the console in your possession.


You can reply to the next message NO, because we will manually select the ixtreme LT + firmware on which to "spoof".autoload ixtreme

4. Source and Target Firmware

Move to the "FirmwareTool 32"To check your starting firmware (source) and the firmware you want to write on the DVD player (target).

If you extracted the firmware in the previous point (therefore if not you had the original and you have an "old" ixtreme version) you will find yourself in front of a screen similar to this:

firmware source

If instead you have the original firmware or the Dummy.bin (from a previous modification for example) then press the button "Open Source Firmware?To select it from your computer.

Click on ?Open Target Firmware"To choose the version of the ixtreme LT + firmware to be written on your reader (you should have already downloaded it, see paragraph preconditions) making sure to write the correct one for your Benq reader or the 4 different versions of LiteOn.

The final screen should look like this (example):

target firmware

Note the presence of the writing "77777777777777 …." on the DVD Key firmware Target. You DO NOT have to write the firmware that way, because the key will obviously be incorrect.

Click on the button ?Spoof Source to Target"And make sure that the parts highlighted in the image correspond, or that the LT + target is exactly identical in the information to the original firmware source:

spoof to target

Continue if you have carefully checked everything and if you have saved and kept the Dummy.

5. Vendor Mode and Writing the LT + firmware

At this point, we have to put the reader in "Vendor Mode?So that its flash memory (in which the firmware is written) is accessible. Things differ in the version LiteOn and for the version Benq. Move to the tab MTK Flash32.

MTK Flash32

Procedure for LiteOn

To put the LiteOn in "Vendor Mode?, We must delete the firmware present in the reader. Click on the button at the top right "Lite-On Erase".

The first message will ask you to continue only if you are absolutely certain that you have saved the original firmware (or Dummy). Date confirmed if you saved it and you are sure. Deleting the firmware and not having it aside, is equivalent to having to throw the console away, since there is no other way to get the dvdkey.

The second message:

power off on

It informs you that once the firmware has been deleted you must turn off is switch on the console (or the kit to which the player is connected) quickly to obtain the "Vendor Mode".

Press on YES, wait for the firmware to be cleared and turn it off and on immediately. If everything has been done correctly, we will have the writing ?Drive in Vendor Mode!" in the part Drive Properties and the properties of the flash memory in the part Flash Chip Properties.

vendor mode

If something went wrong, a message will come out error. Instead of recanceling the firmware every time to try again, you can directly click on Intro Device / ID:

intro device id

and see the fencing above with the inscription Drive in Vendor Mode!

Procedure for Benq

Put the Benq in "Vendor Mode?Even simpler. Just press the button "Benq UnLock"And you will automatically have the reader ready for writing the firmware:

Benq UnLock

At this point, whether you have a Benq whether you have a LiteOn, you're practically done. Click on the "Write?To write the firmware ixtreme LT + on the DVD player.

write firmware ixtreme lt plus

The program will begin writing and subsequent verification. If all went well, this is what we will see in the output of the lower part of JungleFlasher:

log jg

log jg

To conclude and be sure that the firmware has been written correctly, click on ?Outro / ATA Reset":

outro ata reset

The section Drive Properties, I will have to show a screen like this:

Drive Properties

Congratulations! firmware update to version ixtreme LT + succeeded 😉

6. Frequently Asked Questions

D: I upgraded but in games with AP2.5 I see a completely black screen.

A: You must first patch the images with abgx360. ABGX360 guide.

Q: I have an LT firmware, can I follow this guide to update the reader to the LT + version?

A: If you start from an LT firmware, you can follow the guide, only if you already have the original firmware or the Dummy saved! Otherwise you have to redo a real modification from ZERO. For LiteOn readers you can use our XBOX 360 LiteOn Edit Guide.

Q: I don't know what firmware version I have! How do I find it without dismantling the console?

A: You can check it this way: if you have always patched games with programs such as "wave patcher" to start them or have used an activate.iso, it means that your previous modification to the LT version and you can safely follow this guide for update (having an ixtreme firmware 1.61,1.60 or earlier). If all newer games work (except AP2.5) then it means that you have a version of ixtreme LT. You can follow the guide to upgrade to LT + only if you have the original firmware or the Dummy.

Q: I did Erase but the reader flashes, the cart does not come out and it is not recognized by JungleFlasher! I have the original firmware (or extracted) what should I do?

A: You can perform the writing procedure via MS-DOS using a USB stick.