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Turn off the computer automatically at a specific time

Surely, at least once in using your computer, you will have had the need to turn off the computer automatically at a specific time, or at a certain time, for various reasons, to avoid getting up in the middle of the night, to avoid returning at home only for this trivial operation, following a burn that takes a long time, the conversion of a video file, the rendering of an image, the download of a large file, in short, the reasons are not lacking.

To shut down the computer automatically, several programs come to our aid, including:

POWEROFF Free program, in Italian and very functional, which occupies only 67 Kb (Download PowerOFF in Italian)

program shutdown computer automaticallyHow to set the program: We begin to select the dot on "Local Computer" in the "Choose Computer" item.

In the "Action" box, select the "Turn off" item; as you can see there are a myriad of other actions, suitable for many uses, or if we want we can also start a program at a certain time.

In the Options box, check the "Force Close Applications" item, to make sure that even with programs started, the computer shuts down without stopping when some application closes.

To end up in the item "When" tick the item "Scheduled" and click on "Schedule" and you will see this window:

set shutdown time

where you will set the shutdown time of the computer, or you can even set the program to close the computer at a predetermined time, on a predetermined day of one or more chosen weeks, loading the service settings.

For those who want, in this page you can find all the features minutely explained in English unfortunately.

Another Easy Pro ShutDown program, free program, very intuitive with the essential functions as you can see:

power off timer

This program allows you, by setting the time of:

  • Shutdown (Turn off the computer)
  • Restart (Restart your computer)
  • Hibernation (Hibernate the computer)

You can choose one of these 3 options, set the countdown timer, and once clicked on Start the Timer will start scrolling until it resets, I would say more than simple. This program does not need to be installed, it simply starts and performs this simple operation.

If instead you are interested in a special program for Windows 7 that works splendidly, I suggest you go here: Turn off the PC automatically