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Tognazzini "blesses" the iPhone interface

Tognazzini "blesses" the iPhone interface

Bruce Tognazzini was hired by Apple by Steve Jobs and Jef Raskin back in 1978 and remained in the ranks of the Cupertino company until 1992. He was among the founders of the Apple Human Interface Group.

To our long-time readers I notice the disappointment with which "Tog", this Bruce's nickname has received Apple's news in the development of the user interface in recent years: from the round mouse of the first iMacs to the conception of the Mac OS dock X.

It is therefore a must-read for those who get by with the English page dedicated to the release of the iPhone with a meticulous examination of the various aspects of its interaction with the user and the consistency of the graphic interface starting from the history of the mobile phone and passing through the multi-touch one that began in the 80s with William Buxton going through the expirations with the "gestures" of the 90s which video Tognazzini himself with the "pinch interface" part of the Starfire project for Sun Microsystems described in the text 1996 ?Tog on Software Design? on page 78.

tognazzini "width =" 347 "height =" 347 "data-lazy-srcset =" 347w, https: // www. 300w, 200w, https: // 68w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 347px) 100vw, 347px "data-lazy-src =""/> According to Tognazzini, not so much the authorship of every single aspect of the iPhone interface that counts as much as having assembled one such lots of great ideas and processes in a single device and made available to humans: and basically this is the genius of Steve Jobs and the genius of Apple.</p>
<p>Obviously we do not want to take away the taste of reading with an improvised translation (which would still be interesting if any of our readers wanted to dedicate themselves to it for the benefit of those who do not understand the English language) and with flight we go to the conclusion of "Tog" which sounds more or less so : "The Mac has languished for years because of Steve Jobs leaving Apple shortly after his presentation and the fact that the management had absolutely no visionary approach. Hoping that Steve Jobs will not leave this time. we can take the progress that the Mac made in its first steps pale in comparison to what iPhone could get so much that in 3 or 5 years we will pass from the feeling of wonder of today to consider it as a simple toy. Traditional phones are boring, limited to at the end of their life cycle. iPhone in full glory, and this is only the beginning. "</p>
<p>Tognazzini's intervention published on this page.</p>
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