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Tiscali, Indoona becomes a platform for things to chat too

Indoona opens her chat to the internet of things and calls the developers together


As objects become smart, we will also have to get used to talking to him. With this in mind, Indoona Open Chat Platform was born, the first development platform that allows you to connect and communicate with intelligent applications, services and objects through chat.

Born within the Italian social network of Tiscali, Indoona, Open Chat Platform allows you to chat not only with friends and smart objects in the house, but also to order a take away dinner to the restaurant with a simple message. As announced by Facebook for Messenger, for now only in the United States.

The idea that, thanks to the developers who will participate in the company, it will be possible to connect intelligent objects, restaurants, radio networks or any other service that will appear as contacts in the address book with which we can therefore converse just like we do with friends.

At the moment they have already embraced the business some Italian startups like Eventa, Entando, Lifely, Easy Network and GuideMeRight and if you are a developer this is the link for you.


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