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There is a new addictive smartphone game: 1010!

Here is the new mobile game that will reset your productivity

Lovers of simple mobile games and addictors, come forward, your new obsession is called 1010! 0This simple title for Android and iOS is in fact beginning to spread like an epidemic all over the world and on the net you can already find the first subjects who candidly admit their addiction.

How does 1010 work !? Basically a revised and corrected version of Tetris: there is a grid in which we have to place figures of various shapes and colors and when we form one or more lines they disappear. The difference that, instead of falling from above, the figures are presented in groups of trees, we can position them as we want on the board, but above all that the pieces do not scroll down when we delete a line.Ah, and they cannot be rotated.

The aim of the game, therefore, is to try to always free up new spaces in order not to find ourselves with a figure that we cannot position as a result of Game Over.

There are no time or level limits, so in theory it is possible to go on indefinitely, it all depends on our strategy and a little luck.

Obviously we tried it and in fact 1010! the classic easy easy game which risks canceling your productivity. We have warned you.


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