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The iPhone OS also in other devices?

The iPhone OS also in other devices? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple could use the iPhone operating system for two other pocket devices, a wide screen iPod and a small mini PC. To launch the MacScoop indiscretion, a relatively recent site that deals with rumors and rumors.

The two products mentioned by MacScoop do not represent a novelty for those who follow the rumors about the Mac world. The iPod with panoramic screen has been talked about for at least a year, since a whole series of patents have appeared that then have been implemented in the iPhone. The mini Mac is another long-standing rumor that has its roots in the disappearance of old Newton. MacScoop on this latter device adds some further clarification, explaining that it would have Wifi connectivity and its target in the field of the educational market.

Leaving aside to discuss whether the MacScoop claims are a simple logical consideration or the result of a real leak from Cupertino, the prospect of using the reduced version of Os X of the iPhone appears very likely. It is hard to believe, in fact, that in the face of the engineering effort produced with the creation of the "mini Mac Os X", Apple renounces to use it in other contexts too, facing markets that are contiguous but not totally superimposed on that of the telephone.

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