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the iPhone according to Wikipedia …

the iPhone according to Wikipedia … logomacitynet1200wide 1

The world is still arguing over who the owner of the iPhone name is, but Wikipedia has no doubts. In the English section of the most active among encyclopedias worldwide (currently 1,580,000 articles, in the English version) the only iPhone is Apple's.

The "partisan" move and the taking of the field also testified by the fact that the Wikipedia team blocked the possibility of modifying the articles already written, to new users, adding to a dispute that occurred in the internal pages and in the discussions related to the subject . According to Wikipedia, some Cisco employees even tried to redirect the discussion in favor of their company's positions.

Other evaluation factors are added to the debate, for example if the searched term (iPhone) should be an identification of what most people intend (immediately after the MacWorld there was a boom in searches for the Apple phone), or what which has a legal right (if Cisco registered it first, his, whether or not it will be sold as a trademark to Apple Inc.).

On the discussion page we go further. Someone asks that the page refers to the legitimate owner, and that an additional page on the 'disambiguit' (disambiguity) is opened, in which to insert the various theories. This did not happen and the final result that the page reports the Apple iPhone product and that, at least for now, for Wikipedia, there is no doubt: the only "i" phone is that of Cupertino.

(Edited by Iain Antony)

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