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The best weather apps for iPhone and iPad

Did you catch an unexpected rainy day and you were left without an umbrella? You can avoid these small accidents by making the most of your iPhone or iPad to check the weather of today and the following days, so that you can better plan your outings and outdoor activities. In this guide I will show you the best weather apps for iPhone and iPad which you can install for free on your device to check the weather. We can only be satisfied with the news if it rains or the sun shines, or investigate further weather data that is not present in other classic apps that we normally use. Instead, these that we propose have something more, besides the fact that they are more reliable.

Weather app for iPhone and iPad

Aeronautical Weather

iPhone weather app

Without a shadow of a doubt, the weather app with the most precise forecasts, given that it uses the data of the Air Force, which also provides weather data to military and civilian aircraft. The app allows you to view weather conditions up to a maximum of 3 days and by clicking on each day shown you can see in detail the weather trend in the hours of the day, the probability of rain and the presence of any intense phenomena. The app is not very attractive from an aesthetic point of view, but still remains the best for the accuracy of the data provided.

The Meteorological Service of the A.M., this year turns 90 and through its observation stations present throughout the national territory, detects and centralizes meteorological data, performing functions of assistance to air and maritime navigation.

You can download the app for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Aeronautical Weather

3B Weather

iPhone weather app

Another app that offers precise information on the 3B Meteo weather trend. Offers up to 7 days forecasts, with the ability to view hourly forecasts for a specific day. Very accurate graphics, it also allows you to choose the type of icons to be displayed, so as to have an app that is pleasant to see. Currently one of the best for accuracy of the data offered and for graphic quality.

You can download the app for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |3B Weather

Weather Underground

iPhone weather app

The best weather app for iPhone and iPad if you need to travel abroad Weather Underground. With this app you will get information on the weather conditions of any city you want to visit abroad, with detailed information on times, wind direction, humidity and weather warnings. If you have to go abroad, install this app immediately, so as not to spoil your holidays.

You can download the app for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Weather Underground

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