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Split avi files into multiple parts

With this guide I want to explain how split an avi file into several parts, selecting the scenes you prefer to separate. To edit avi files, we're going to use one of the most famous programs, let's talk about the famous VirtualDub, downloadable here: VirtualDub Editor Avi Download (1.6 MB) Download the latest version, and start the programsplit avi filesSet the Direct Stream Copy item in the Video menu, check that this item is also selected in the Audio menu (where it should already be set by default).

From the File menu, Open Video File select and open the avi file you want to split.

split avi frame files

Uploaded the file you can observe in VirtualDub:

  • A preview of the video at the "frame" point where you are.
  • The scroll bar with which you can send the video to the exact position where you want to divide the avi file.
  • The video scroll buttons, stop, play etc, previous and next key frame, previous and next scene, the two ideas to select where to start and end a scene cut.
  • The frame position counter.

In my example the avi file to be divided consisting of 61667 frames, if we want to divide this avi file into several parts we will divide the total number of frames (61667 in this case) by the number of subdivisions.

Example, if we divide the avi file into 2 parts we will obtain 61667 divided by 2 equal to 30833 frames, and therefore the first part of the avi file will go from frame Zero to frame 30833, and the second part of the avi file from 30834 to 61667.

To select the part we want to divide, position the cursor of the bar, at frame 30833, and click the "mark out" button indicated in the photo below with the 2, same thing at frame Zero by clicking the "mark in" indicated with 1.split avi files 1 part

Now go to the File menu, and click on Save as AVI, as you see below in (part 1), remember to save the avi file with a different name to avoid overwriting, as soon as you click you will notice (part 2) start a window indicating the progression of the process of dividing and saving avi files.split avi files 2 part And our first avi file was saved, repeat the same procedure, in my example from frame 30834 to final frame 61667, save, and you will finally have divided your avi file.