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Smartphone dropped into the water: how to recover it

Unfortunately, anyone can drop their smartphone into the water. Just a nothing, a moment of distraction, and we see the cell phone fall into the pool, the sea or the sink full of water. In these cases you should not panic, because if your smartphone fell into the water not among those resistant to liquids there are some simple tricks that allow you to save it. Let's find out together.

Smartphone dropped into water? Here's what to do to get it back up and running

Most likely, after seeing your beloved cell phone accidentally drop anxiety and worries will take over. The first thing to do is to remain calm and have the clarity to grab the device as soon as possible and put it in a dry place. Once done, it could often be miraculous to follow these 10 simple tips to save your smartphone forever.smartphone dropped into the water 1

10 tricks to save a wet smartphone

  1. First, if the smartphone is still on, let's turn it off immediately.
  2. Let's put the cell phone upright.
  3. We take out the SIM card and, if the smartphone allows it, also the microSD card from the appropriate slots.
  4. Only if we don't have a unibody cell phone, we take out the battery.
  5. We take a cloth and dab the phone, thus avoiding to scatter the water in other places.
  6. At this point, although it may seem strange, we place the wet device in a bag full of rice or silica gel. These have in fact dehydrating properties that allow them to absorb liquids and for this reason they are recommended for drying smartphones, tablets and electronic devices of all kinds (it is also useful to use a dehumidifying bag).
  7. We leave the smartphone closed in the bag for two or three days. After that, we check the amount of residual water and turn it on again.
  8. If the phone doesn't turn on, let's try charging it. If the phone does not turn on even after charging, the battery may have been damaged. Before replacing it with a new one, let it dry for another 24 hours.
  9. If you managed to turn it on, monitor the device for a few days and check if any anomalies not found before diving into the water occur.
  10. If after three days you have not managed to restart it in any way, you just have to take it to a service center.

In addition to these tips, there are also some things that you absolutely must NOT do in order to recover a wet smartphone.

What NOT to do to save your wet smartphone

  • Do not turn on the device and do not use it in any way.
  • Do not press any button (power, home or volume).
  • Do not shake it, on the contrary it should be moved as little as possible.
  • Don't blow on it because the damage could increase as the water could penetrate and reach some parts of the phone that are still dry.
  • Do not heat it with the hair dryer in the microwave in an attempt to dry it.

These are the things to do or not to do in case the smartphone dropped into the water does not turn on. But, be careful, these indications will in no way guarantee the positive outcome of the procedure. Above all, it is still worth trying to perform these procedures, given the value of the device.