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Sixtyforce for Mac OS X

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For those who have not tried it yet SixtyForce the best emulator for the Nintendo 64 Macintosh. Its performances are decidedly good in Mac OS 9, provided you have a sufficiently fast G3 and a good video card. This is why many hardcore fans, like myself, of this beautiful software have long been waiting for a native version for Mac OS X or at least charred.

Asked by Macity, Gerrit Goossen, author of Sixtyforce replied:

"I already have a charred version that runs on Mac OS X but I have not yet officially released it due to some bugs present in the current implementation of OpenGL in Mac OS X Public Beta, bugs that seriously degrade its graphics performance (Sixtyforce leans in fact on almost all the features supported by OpenGL, even more than games like Quake 3 Arena). The final result is much lower than on the same machine with OS 9.

I will officially release it when I am satisfied with the overall performance, however I don't know when it will take … I discovered some tricks to get around some of the graphics problems but the speed problems will probably require a total rewrite to take advantage of Mac OS X ".

Whether it's February 24 or later, we'll have to wait for Mac OS X version 1.0 to play Nintendo 64 on the Mac.

(By Enrico Querci)

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