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S.E.D Lex, a law firm in the Mac

S.E.D Lex, a law firm in the Mac logomacitynet1200wide 1

S.E.D.Lex an integrated program for the management of the Law Firm, simple to use and of immediate productivity. Take advantage of the graphical way of dialogue of Macintosh systems by providing the Lawyer with easy and immediately recognizable tools, such as the Agenda, completely similar to the paper one both in graphics and completeness of use, but above all capable of providing effectively controlling the activity of the firm.When realizing SEDLex, produced by SEDLex Informatica Srl, it was assumed that each law firm has its own work organization, often based entirely on paper tools and linked to particular specializations. ; for this reason it is of fundamental importance to offer wide margins of customization of the procedures. Each user really participates in the development of SEDLex, providing their suggestions and exposing their needs, promoting the analysis and study of new functions that are implemented and periodically redistributed in the form of an update, to all those who enter into the service and maintenance contract.SEDLex It is available for both MS Windows and for Apple Macintosh, entirely written in C language and allows use both on a single workstation and on the network local.General featuresStudy agenda with management of appointments, deadlines, automatic notices, notes of the day, insertions in the past, fulfilments referring to practices not present in the archive Customers, Correspondents, Suppliers Records file with direct connection to correspondent customers, counterparties, agenda, documents, invoices issued , notes on the status of each individual proceedingParcelling with civil and criminal tariffs, customizable performance groups, indication for each performance of those who performed the activity, automatic calculation of rights and fees, classification of expenses incurred between taxable and advancesEmission of Expense Notes and Plots with automatic unbundling of advances received Analysis of customer debt situations, control of parcels issued and not collected with automatic generation of warning signals, control of the situation of expenses / advances incurred both for single practice and for customer Research on each archive with relative printouts of lists and summary statements Printing of the practical files to be provided to the customer with the situation of the procedure Issuing of Invoices to the customer or to different subjects, invoices for the sale of goods, professional invoices not related to practices, cumulative invoices for groups of practices relating to the same Customer Management of historical files of files Automatic passage in accounting of expenses incurred in files General accounting for professionals with relative printing of tax registers and IVA payments Linkage to word processing programs and data export functions Customized functions based on the requests of the Firm The course of instruction in addition to illustrating all the functionalities of the program foresee the execution of numerous practical tests in order to allow an immediate use of the program from the first lesson.Customer Support ServiceEach SEDLex User can always count on the direct support of technicians and programmers who are able to provide immediate answers to any type of operational problem also through the use of telematic tools (Internet and other). Furthermore, they can indicate suggestions for the development of new useful functions for greater integration between the SEDLex program and the firm's own activities. Prices (excluding VAT) start from?. S.E.D.Lex vers. Single User L. 1,900,000 (Assistance Fee – annual renewal L. 500,000) to grow by the number of user places … The integrated general accounting module: single entry L. 300,000, double entry L. 1,300,000 Conversion is possible archives from other programs at L. 1.000.000 (after verification of feasibility and analysis of the results) for more information you can consult the manufacturer directly (don't forget to mention our site!):

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