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Reducing the size of multiple photos, here's how to compress photos

It often happens that we want to send our friends the latest photos taken with our digital camera via msn or email, but the size of the photos, which in the latest 12 or 14 megapixel cameras, weighs 5 or 6 Mb each, leads us to waste an infinite amount of time or leave alone.

compress photos

One way to save time is to reduce the size of the photos, or more explicitly the weight, and then compress them.

To compress photos I show you a program, free of charge, in Italian and which allows you to reduce the weight of several photos at the same time.

Its name is XnView, which you can download here: XnView Download

Let's start by downloading the program and installing it.

Once this is done we start it and the program will look like this:

reduce photo size

The steps to reduce the size of the photos are as follows:

  1. We position ourselves in the folder where the photos we want to resize are contained
  2. We select the photos that interest us
  3. Click in the top menu on Tools and then on Conversion

A window like this will open:

reduce image size

Where we find in the list the images we have selected, in this case we proceed to reduce the jpg images, modifying the compression, to do this we click on the Options button as we see in the image above, placed under the star.

A window like this will open:

reduce jpg compression

Set it as you see, 80 a good compression factor that reduces the weight of the images while maintaining good quality.

Click on Ok, the window will close and return to the previous window.

Now if you want, in the Destination space, you can set a different folder where to save the photos, this to make sure that you have both the original photos and the new photos with a lower weight, otherwise click at the bottom on Start, and the new photos will overwrite the old, asking for confirmation photo by photo.

With this technique you can reduce the images by hundreds of Kb or even 1 Mb depending on how large the original photo is, and save time in sending them.

If you want instead reduce the size of an online photo without installing programs I recommend a fantastic site, its name ImageOptimizer, simple, fast, and which at the end of the reduction also indicates how much the image has been reduced, in short fantastic, below you can see how it is.

Here are the steps necessary to resize the photo:

First we see the size of our photo, hovering the mouse over the photo without clicking, as you can see below:

reduce photo size online

In this case 2048 x 1536. After this we load the site and set the following data:

online photo size reduction

On Browse we upload our photo, on quality we set the desired quality, the lower the quality the greater the size reduction, in this case I tried, keeping the best quality, and below I set the pixel values ??of width and height.

We just have to click on Optimize Now! and the result will be the following:

photo size reduction

The image was reduced in less than a second to a third of its original size, maintaining the same resolution!

We just have to click on Download to your computer, to have the photo optimized!

So if you want to reduce a single photo I recommend the online method, if you want to reduce more photos I recommend using the software!

To reduce the photos online the site this: Imageoptimizer