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Querelle Cisco-Apple: a third inconvenient appears?

Querelle Cisco-Apple: a third inconvenient appears? logomacitynet1200wide 1

From some research reported by MacScoop it would appear that the real owner of the iPhone brand would not be Cisco, but a Florida-based company called Teltronics.

According to the sources reported, Teltronics registered the "Vision I-Phone" trademark in July 2003. Apparently the "I-Phone" nomenclature would be covered by trademark rights only together with the "Vision" word, but the facts would deny this interpretation: always according to what MacScoop reported, Teltronics would have blocked an attempt to register the "iPhone" brand that took place last December by a company called the Teldext company.

If the facts reported corresponded to reality, it could be assumed that Apple interrupted the dialogue with Cisco precisely because it was aware that not Cisco, but Teltronics would hold the rights to the 'iPhone' trademark.

At present these news have not found further elements that confirm or deny the goodness of the reported information, n MacRumors has reported the sources from which such indiscretions would emerge. The only thing certain that the rumble around the rights for the iPhone name is fueling a significant hunt for the last-minute scoop, in an attempt to preview a possible conclusion in preview.

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