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PS3: Unveiled the private key. Permanently compromised security

This new year begins with a bang for those interested in the scene Playstation 3 and all the backstory about console hacking Sony.

ps3 root key

Many important names and people known in the underground world have launched into this new challenge to free the apparently "armored" system of the console, based on public and private key cryptography.

GeoHot, hacker famous for having found the first exploit on PS3, yesterday, finally managed to find the "root key ", private key used by Sony itself to sign executables and software on the Playstation 3, thus definitively compromising the security chain. had never been reached, not even with the consoles that have long been the subject of study (Xbox 360, Wii). Having found the private key, it means being able to run any type of code on the Playstation, without the need for Jailbreak or changes software / hardware!

Any program (games, backup manager, linux), signed with the private key, will be recognized as authentic by the console and executed. This could potentially lead to the ability to upload backups to Blu-ray , simply by copying the disc, or inserting homebrews of all types on one USB drive (update: a custom firmware will be required in any case!).

For all the keys, visit PS3 Crypto Keys

In addition to the private key, it will be possible to run games on any firmware 3.42, 3:50 and the last 3:55, also uploading game backups like Gran Turismo 5 or Need 4 Speed ??Hot Pursuit (to name two very famous).

Last, but not least, the discovery of the root key for PSP. After years of exploit,changes is custom firmware, also on PSP it will be possible to execute any type of code!

In short, 2011 will be a year full of news from the point of view of hacking Sony consoles. We will not fail to provide you with constant updates on Blog.