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Printers with BlueTooth?

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Xerox and Compaq have developed a new technology with which it is possible to overcome the barriers imposed by networks and send documents (directly from the computer) directly (not on the network). If the technology finds favor with the public, this will allow users to print documents without using cables of any kind and without having to replace existing computers and printers. The first demonstration of "wireless printing", held by Xerox and Compaq at Comdex 2000, concerned a notebook and a laser printer connected by means of a Bluetooth PC card, which sends radio signals to an antenna inserted in the form of a "dongle" in the parallel port of the printer. This dongle transforms received radio signals into data and sends them to the printer. A solution of this kind allows you to print up to almost 10 meters away, without having to use any cables. (Edited by Newton)

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