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Pentium does not digest the Penguin

Pentium does not digest the Penguin logomacitynet1200wide 1

To the list of problems of Pentium 4, among which there are also not exactly favorable reviews, we also add the news that the new processor does not support most of the Linux releases. References in this regard by the specialized press have been confirmed also by Intel itself that the problem lies in the fact that Linux does not recognize the processor from which the interruption of the installation process derives. The responsibility for, according to Intel, would be of the developers who have not adapted their software despite having had the time and information necessary to do it. An excuse that seems to hold if true that Caldera, one of the protagonists of the Linux market, confirms what Intel has claimed and that he has chosen not to immediately release a patch pending the presentation of a new pack included in the next upgrade. and Pentium 4 is not the best, in any case, also confirmed by other positions, even by distributors, such as the absolute giant of the Linux world, Red Hat, whose products are certified by Intel as "Pentium 4 compatible". Red Hat, in fact, claims not to support the new chip because its Linux release would have "compatibility problems with Pentium 4", problems that should be solved with the next release. In addition to RedHat the only Linux to work with Pentium 4 TurboLinux 6. However, the Linux systems of SuSE, MandrakeSoft and Corel do not run and it is not clear when compatibility will be guaranteed.

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