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Oni and Myst III in Italian

Oni and Myst III in Italian logomacitynet1200wide 1

There is good news on the horizon for those who love playing with the Mac. In recent days, in fact, the news has spread that two of the major titles in release will also be available in our language. These are Oni, the "fighting game" initially developed by Bungie but now being finalized by TakesTwo, and Myst III The Exile, the sequel to the most popular adventure title ever released. According to Luciano Pecorella, author of the dedicated site at Games4Mac games, the developers have guaranteed that Oni will be presented in Europe in a multilingual version, including ours. Macity had already feared this possibility in the past month of May, after the entry into Bungie of TakesTwo, a real multinational interactive entertainment company with important ramifications also in the old continent. At that juncture Macity had also speculated that Halo could also have a version in our language. But the futuristic fighting game followed Bungie in his move to Microsoft and is not part of the package of titles left to TakesTwo. His fate, as far as the release languages ??are concerned, is therefore much more uncertain. The news according to which even Myst III The Exhile could have dialogues in our language appears less surprising. In fact, in this case rather than in the face of certainties we are in the order of probabilities based on some news leaked by Presto Studios according to which The Exile will be based on an engine that will allow the easy implementation of multiple languages. Among these, they are cited by the English, French, German and Japanese developer site. Some other sites, such as Maccentral, claim that there will also be other languages ??including Spanish and Dutch "and some other languages". Since in the past, in particular with Riven, the saga had already been released in Italian, it is very likely that it could be so in this case too. The conversion could also be facilitated by the fact that, even in this case as in the past, the disks should be hybrid and contain both the Win version and the Mac.The Exhile version, which will implement a new graphics engine that will allow free 360 ??navigation. in the world of Myst, it will be released on the US market in April, Oni is expected to be available, also in America, in late January.

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