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On the highway at 128Kbps

On the highway at 128Kbps logomacitynet1200wide 1

The PC Card was released yesterday, a Type2 and compatible with both Mac and PC, but what does it do? Simple, it allows you to access Ricochet's wireless network, a 128Kbps digital network, therefore completely similar to a dual channel ISDN line, but functioning no more or less than like our GSM service. With the card in question, therefore, the The user will be able to access the web at a respectable speed and in any area covered by the signal, even if in a moving vehicle up to a speed of 70 miles / hour. For the moment Ricochet has covered all the major metropolitan areas of the USA and a large part of the Canadian ones, but there are no signs of exporting the technology to Europe. The manufacturer also has solutions in the catalog to cover the Palm market with dedicated modems.

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