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News on the Apple website

New on the Apple Italy website, from today, some new items appear in the top navigation bar, not all functional and some related to the American website, but let's see the news:

-Where to buy a section that allows you to quickly locate the dealer or the service center closest to your office, simply indicate the zip code of your area or select a city to have the list of authorized dealers in the area. The lists include both traditional retailers and consumer chains such as MediaWorld. Currently only the search of the Service Center works since neither the search for an Authorized Reseller nor that of the Mac Software Center respond by entering the postcode and name of the city in which you reside.

– Done X Mac the section that leads directly to the American Apple website and provides an overview of the offer of products dedicated to the Apple world, you will find, for those familiar with English, both hardware and software products, as well as information and plugs -in for sherlock.

– Small Business instead will be a section dedicated to small professionals, with ad hoc solutions dedicated to the world of small professional studios with examples of applied Apple technologies, information on seminars and courses, online resources for the professional; currently not active and, trying to follow the link, we will find an error page (the information comes from the American site).