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Microsoft Surface has arrived, the first test

Microsoft Surface arrives in Italy. The Microsoft tablet ready to challenge the iPad. Here are the first impressions a few hours after launch.

By Il TestardoFrom today also in Italy Surface available the first Tablet of Microsoft, after the "sold out" on its debut in the United States, will it be able to impose itself also in our country? The very interesting idea: a tablet with the power of a PC and that can be perfectly integrated even in a working environment, where Microsoft has absolute dominance.Here are our first impressions:the powerful hardware the operating system and the applications quite fast, but not fully compatible with the pc version. The processor that mounts Microsfoft Surface the Quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip, are 2 GB of RAM and equipped with two 720p cameras. Do not miss the gyroscope, the accelerometer and the compassThe bright display the bright colors, but the resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels.The cover one of the most interesting innovations: it colors, magnetic in reality a thin keyboard, in addition to the touch one, which become a screen cover. very practical, but expensive and thus raises the final price. The basic version of Surface, the 32 Gb version available from 500 euros, 600 the 64 version. Keyboard aside. Surface's strengths are the hardware (very powerful the Pro version, available from May) with the possibility of data transfer directly from USB, excellent for the business market.The battery life currently to be evaluated, in fact the first tests are negative. Surface also also bigger and heavier than the competition. It weighs 20 grams more than the iPad, but also the larger screen: 10.6 "count 9.7 of the Apple tablet. The materials are excellent, even if the iPad conveys a feeling of greater care and" luxury " . Of course the presence of standard ports, the possibility of expanding the memory simply with an SD card adds a plus not a little. Will you be the natural enemy of the iPad? For now Surface above all a great idea to combine tablets and notebooks and the Home world and business in one device. Maybe it won't destroy the iPad market, but it will definitely revitalize Microsoft.