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Microsoft has second thoughts: no Android apps on Windows

The project announced by Microsoft in April had impressed users, but according to some sources it would have already been silently archived


Microsoft backs down on Android: The Redmond house's project to bring Google OS apps to the world has slowed substantially over the months and now, according to some sources, it may have been completely suspended. The Windows Central site, according to which the Redmond company – although it has not yet officially expressed itself on the matter – has intended to pull the plug on the development, has reported it among the first.

The veils on Project Astoria had been removed in April, during the annual Build conference: the platform (which we had tried successfully) was supposed to guarantee the thirsty Windows operating system a constant supply of fresh new apps, but the development would not have gone as hoped. Among the reasons, the sources questioned by Windows Central speculate disgruntled developers of the novelty, technical difficulties due to the complexity of introducing an entire subsystem within Windows and legal issues relating to the execution of written software for an opponent's operating system.

The other bridge projects announced by the company in April would remain active: Westminster, to transform the web app in normal applications; Centennial, to update the old applications written for previous versions of Windows and Islandwood, to convert the software written for iOS and make it work on Redmond smartphones and PCs too.


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