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Microsoft, an app to delight Android users

Dedicated to users of the Google operating system, it wants to convince them that all their favorite apps are already on the Windows store. But not yet so

(Photo: Microsoft)(Photo: Microsoft)

On the eve of the launch of Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, Microsoft is eager to convince the world that its two phones have nothing to envy from the competition; for this reason, the Redmond house has released an application in the past few hours dedicated to Android users to convince them that the apps they use daily on their gadget actually also exist on the Windows operating system.

Once installed on the Android smartphone, the app performs a short search for the software already in memory, compares it with an updated database of apps in the Windows marketplace and reveals which alternatives are already available also on smartphones with the Microsoft operating system.

The problems of AppComparison are two, quite revealing of the state of affairs in which the Windows store is currently facing. Meanwhile, many apps, especially games and utilities, have no correspondence; in addition, even those who enjoy a counterpart on the Windows Store often are not adequately represented – either because the official development teams don't give them enough attention (see Instagram BETA), or because the latter have never even started working on an app for Windows, leaving the task to an enviable community of independent developers who for not it can keep up on its own with the rhythms of the thriving opposing ecosystems.

Things could change with the launch of the next version of the operating system, thanks to a Windows Store finally unified with that for PC, and the announced bridge solution to easily convert apps from iOS to Windows.


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