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Microsoft also brings Hyperlapse to Mac

The Redmond app designed to stabilize time-lapse videos also arrives on Mac

Hyperlapse, the Microsoft software designed to stabilize time-lapse accelerated videos, makes its debut on Mac. Initially designed for Lumia smartphones and then shortly landed on Android, the app allows you to obtain smooth and stable videos also from sequences of images recorded in subjective and usually very difficult to put one after the other without the result giving seasickness.

A similar function had been brought to the general public initially by Instagram, which had reserved its use only to smartphones. Microsoft instead put its powerful algorithms to the service of large majority of users and now ready to offer them – for a fee – to professionals working on the computers of the bitten apple.

Hyperlapse for OS X will indeed cost you $ 49 and will allow you to stabilize videos coming not only from smartphones but also from normal video cameras and action cameras. The solution competes with different alternatives present on this platform, but actually very valid. The results put online by Microsoft already give an idea of ??the potential but the most curious can also try it on their own material, in demonstration mode: Hyperlapse give them back a video stream marked with the app logo.


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