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Messenger like Snapchat: Facebook tests messages in time

The app tests Snapchat model messages: they disappear after a certain period of time

The Snapchat function groups together shots from the same event or manifestation

While Snapchat is enjoying its 6 billion video views per day, Facebook is testing its Messenger, the first function that made the app famous: self-destructing messages.

The trial is underway for a certain group of users in France, and the company has confirmed it to The Next Web: "We are pleased to announce the latest in a series of options products that want to involve the user in order to communicate better with the people he cares about. From today, we are experimenting in France with a function that allows you to send messages that destroy themselves within an hour of being sent. Disappearing Message are another fun option to communicate when choosing Messenger. We are awaiting feedback from users who are trying it".

An hour a rather long period of time, and it would be to understand how the app behaves in the meantime: the hour is considered from sending, or from viewing? And how to avoid the screenshot danger?


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