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Madonna finally in QT format.

Madonna finally in QT format. logomacitynet1200wide 1

At the end of November we had told you about the flop of Microsoft Windows Media Player which, at the test of fire (Madonna in live streaming from London), had disappointed those few who had not yet tested the qualities of the Redmond player.

As mentioned, the occasion of Madonna's concert (for a few close friends and many VIPs), from the Brixton Academy in London, was so gluttonous as to have torn a contract from Madonna (whom she had already entrusted on the official website, with foresight, his music and his images to QT and Flash) by Microsoft, to install, as universal media, Media Player on the millions of desks of the fans of the singer of Italic origins. Already millions of interested, but it seems that the servers Microsoft (or who for them) had not expected such traffic, result? Important delays (and therefore nothing direct) and then non-satisfaction of all requests (re-proposing the registration), the rest of the story in this previous article. Finally, however, now Madonna's fans are running in the car, not a celestial presence but rather ' the less popular, but certainly better functioning, QuickTime which on this page of Madonna's official website allows us a more certain vision of the mini concert in question.We remind you that the Preview Release 2 is recently available (even for Windows users) QuickTime 5.

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