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Apple has so far been very cold, if not freezing, in the face of the prospect of adopting the 2.0 standard. From Cupertino, in fact, no signal has come about it nor any official word on the evolution of the Universal Standard Bus that will project the speed of communications between CPU and peripherals at 480 Mbps, higher than that of the current FireWire implementation with which it could pose in direct competition. Precisely this competition would be the element that is making Apple very suspicious of USB 2. Despite USB, in fact, it does not have the characteristics of IEEE 1394 (which for example does not need a HUB and can manage chains with a greater number of devices ) it is very probable that in some sectors the standard promoted by Intel could undermine that invented by Apple. But this coldness and these considerations could be defeated by more trivial evaluation elements, such as the fact that the USB 2 devices will be such as to not being able to simply be ignored and force Apple to adopt USB2. The turning point that Apple's adoption of USB 2 interviewed by MacWeek will be after mid 2001. At that moment, for example, HP and Epson will introduce their first USB 2 printers. Other manufacturers such as Minolta or the "loyal" Iomega have already decided in this sense, Kodak is evaluating the situation as well as Canon too, but there seem to be little doubt that even these large companies, which operate mainly in the image sector, will end up adopting USB 2 even if perhaps the market will not be ready to provide valid reasons for an upgrade of the systems that in the first half of 2002 However, for Apple, the maneuvering possibilities will be zero: either USB 2 adopter or will remain excluded from the possibility of using those and many other peripherals. Of course, the way out provided by compatibility by USB peripherals with the USB 1.1 standard would remain for Apple, but the speed would be the lowest today. Which would make the more advanced features of USB 2 unusable and many peripherals designed for high speed. In addition, card manufacturers (such as Orange) would in turn have an open field for the production of PCI cards with USB 2 support, which would end up damaging the sale of new machines, in short, as one of the managers says Chuck Westfall of Canon America ?if Apple decides to put their heads in the sand and pretend that USB 2 doesn't exist, they would make a serious mistake. USB 2 and FireWire can coexist and Apple would do well to consider it "

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