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HyperLAN 2, or wireless FireWire

HyperLAN 2, or wireless FireWire logomacitynet1200wide 1

HyperLAN2 is the name of the standard for high-performance local area wireless communications, probably one of the standards we will have to deal with in the near future. Ericsson, which has always been at the forefront of wireless solutions via radio transmission, has produced a series of prototypes of cards operating with this standard, showing the potential capabilities of a LAN based on HyperLAN2. The first element of interest in the transmission speed, up to 54 Mbps, 5 times faster than Airport and a standard ethernet, half of a FastEthernet network (but eliminating the problems related to the installation of an entirely Class 5 network). Even the highest transmission frequency, positioning itself at 5 Ghz and benefits from DSF (Dynamic FrequencySelection), a technology that greatly simplifies the management and expandability of a wireless network, being able to insert at any time a new device that will automatically be assigned a working frequency, variable and not superimposed on that of other devices.The HyperLAN2 standard compatible, as well as with ethernet networks, also with the FireWire standard, a possibility that greatly increases its potential applications.Ericsson showed, during the test, the products with which it will be present on the market: absolutely standard PC Card, both for reception and fixed stations, in practice a solution very similar to that of Apple with AirPort. What to wish for? That in the near future the AirPort slots of our macs are already ready to accommodate a possible ericsson HyperLAN 2 card, but on this a lot of work must be done by Ericsson, with the right connector for the antenna and the correct dimensions in height, then we will be free to choose one standard or the other, or both.

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